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About Rand Aid

A registered non-profit organisation that provides hope and enables people to shape their purpose in life.

The Story of Rand Aid began in 1903 when two voluntary organisations decided to combine their efforts in fighting the social problems that existed on the Reef at that time. Over the next hundred years we have written many pages in our book of care. Our story has evolved with the community and our services have grown and changed with the times ensuring that people like you find great relevance in what we do today.

We strongly believe in the value of a community: where each and every one of our services has a character and a spirit of people caring for and about each other. Therefore we encourage residents' responsibility for and participation in communal life. Yet, we will grant you the space to exercise your own choices and take responsibility for your own life. When we are there for your care and treatment, we will respect your wishes as far as reasonably possible.

To promote the sense of community, our services and facilities are comprehensive. We offer 24-hour security, nursing care, garden and domestic services, physiotherapy and podiatry amongst others. Our facilities include hairdressing salons, community centres, interdenominational chapels, halls, libraries, superettes and swimming pools. We also run an e-media centre where residents can send and receive emails at minimal cost. Every effort is made to ensure that residents' needs are met.

Rand Aid recognises the need to invest in our surrounding community through outreach programmes to disadvantaged groups. Our knowledge and expertise must benefit wider than just those persons accommodated in our facilities.
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Our vision for the future is an organisation that remains responsive to community needs. To ensure this, we aim to:

  • waterLive up to our commitments.

  • Provide comprehensive and affordable care in both the fields of ageing and addiction through a range of quality services.

  • Increase the number of persons that are able to benefit from the services.

  • Expand our services to disadvantaged target groups in ways that will also reflect the diversity of the community.

  • Treat service users, suppliers, donors, each other as well as any other person coming into contact with the organisation with respect, decency and integrity.

  • Perform at best practice standards in our chosen fields.

  • Pursue service excellence, commitment and innovation in all areas of our operations.

  • Optimise financial planning and control to ensure the stability and growth of the organisation.

  • Build a united personnel corps working together in providing quality services.

  • Implement professional models of care and treatment based on sound theories and practice.

  • Adapt services rapidly to changing service needs, scientific knowledge and research results.

logoRand Aid Social React

Our Social React Division focuses on older persons who face an uncertain and difficult future due to financial or social disadvantages. This target group is often neglected in a country challenged to provide adequate resources for a young and growing population. As a result, the hardship suffered by older persons is heart-rending. The Social React Division also offers an essential substance abuse treatment service, a need for which few affordable resources exist. Our range of services includes the following:

logoRand Aid Advance

Over the years we have been approached for services by people from all walks of life. This has made us realise that care is a universal need. It is not restricted to those with financial or social problems. As we grow older, we all become more and more concerned about our future. Where will I live, will I be safe, will there be assistance when I need help, will I still find purpose in my life, enjoy the company of my contemporaries and make a contribution to society? Because of these common human needs our story book contains the pages of Rand Aid Advance. This division runs our independent retirement villages where we provide quality accommodation at real value for money. This means you can thoroughly enjoy your retirement, knowing that we care and are there to provide the management and support services to streamline your life. Our retirement facilities are spacious, well appointed and set in beautiful garden settings.

The Rand Aid Welfare Development Trust - Levy Stabilisation Fund (LSF)

To ensure levies remain affordable for residents of Rand Aid villages, a levy stabilisation fund was established and became effective from April 1, 2012.

The formula to calculate the creation of the reserve is 5% of net life right sale cash proceeds after refurbishment costs, for each village.

The fund is utilised to stabilise or smooth levy increases arising from normal operating expenses on a yearly basis, after discussion with the respective Village Committees and the RAA Residents Committee, taking into account the circumstances prevailing from time to time.

Any surplus on a village levy account at the end of a financial year is transferred to a Levy Equalisation Fund of each village on completion of the audit of the Annual Financial Statements; any such surplus is utilised to reduce the levies charged to residents of that village in the year following such transfer.

Any deficit on a village levy account arising from normal operating expenditure is deducted from the levy stabilisation fund applicable to that village in the financial year in which it is incurred.

Current Rand Aid retirement facilities include:

The units at Elphin Lodge, Inyoni Creek and Thornhill Manor are sold on the life rights concept. They form an important part of our business model, in that the share of capital retained from the sale of each unit enables us to sustain and grow our services for those in a less fortunate position. We therefore regard our purchasers at these villages as our business partners. They help us to help others. Elphin Lodge, Inyoni Creek and Thornhill Manor are truly places for special people.

Our donors are highly valued and share in our achievements. Being part of Rand Aid means being part of something unique. When you sponsor one of the programmes in our Social React Division you can be assured that you are making a tangible contribution and positive change to another person’s life story. A person who deserves an opportunity to find new hope, new meaning in life. Every day we come into contact with so many people with broken life stories. You will find great fulfillment helping us write happy endings for them all.

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Rand Aid has Section 18A status in terms of the Income Tax Act which means that every rand donated to us is tax deductible in the hands of the donor.

Good governance is critical to our success story. As a registered non-profit organisation, our services are governed by an independent non-executive Board of Management, comprising interested persons from the community. We are fortunate to attract individuals with great expertise and a high level of integrity, overseeing and guiding our full time staff in their daily operations. The Board of Management meets every second month and they are fully informed on the financial and service activities of the organisation. The Board is responsible for all strategic decisions and ensures the continued financial stability of the organisation.

To enable us to meet our objectives, we employ a team of professional and support staff committed to the well-being of their fellow human beings. Our team is varied and includes professional nurses, social workers, sessional doctors and psychologists, chartered accountants, artisans responsible for maintenance, food service personnel, grounds staff, laundry operators, housekeepers as well as receptionists, clerks, drivers, security and care personnel. The commitment of our staff is evidenced by the low turnover rate and the job satisfaction experienced. The continued development of our staff is important and our Human Resource department implements training programmes to foster growth and learning for all.

These programmes focus on our core staff in the interest of our residents and clients.

In addition, we utilise our operations to provide a meaningful work experience for the clients in our substance abuse treatment programme. By granting them the opportunity to hone and develop marketable skills they assist with, and in many cases are, an integral part of the daily operations of the organisation.

The management and staff of Rand Aid are united in our values. It is our belief that every person making use of our service, irrespective of their standing in life or their financial position, deserves to be treated with dignity. With us, every individual is important, worthy of our best attention, care and respect.

Rand Aid Association. Non Profit Organisation
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