Wedge Gardens unleashes residents’ talents

Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre held a talent show on March 23. “The talent show was in line with the theme of developing self identity. “In occupational therapy the previous week, we tackled the idea of the labels society places on each and every one of us and how that plays into our life stories,” explains occupational therapist Kendra Neethling.

“However, as individuals we have the ability to challenge and redefine ourselves – becoming more than our labels,” she says, adding that for many Wedge Gardens residents, these labels include ‘addicts’ and ‘alcoholics’. She said that they explored the notion that in broadening and building upon intrinsic skills and talents, and by doing things that bring meaning, purpose and enjoyment into their lives, Wedge residents can create a character profile that brings them contentment. “This in turn provides the opportunity for more fulfilling and productive lives – something that we can be proud of.”

* The identity of Wedge Gardens residents are kept confidential.


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