Candles lit to bid Maggie farewell

Sister Maria Symons lights a candle to honour the memory of careworker Maggie Kgarose.

A Candlelighting Ceremony was held on May 26 to say farewell to a Ron Smith Care Centre employee who passed away on May 24, 2017, after a short illness.

Careworker Maggie Kgarose worked on the Cedar Park wing of the Rand Aid care centre. She was known for her kind and caring ways, especially with residents.

The ceremony was attended by management, staff and residents of Cedar Park, as well as by staff from all the other wings.  “Maggie was beloved amongst all Ron Smith Care Centre staff,” says Rand Aid’s Senior Nursing Manager Avril Maltman.

One person after another stood up to attest to Maggie’s fine character and what she meant to them. Amongst those who will particularly miss her are Cedar Park residents Gordon and Joy Smith.




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