Pay it forward with Wedge Gardens’ random acts of kindness


The Occupational Therapy (OT) Department at Wedge Gardens needs your help to fulfil its mission of spreading random acts of kindness this festive season.
The Rand Aid-run substance abuse centre plans to distribute care packages to those in need, and would love the community to come on board by donating items. Needed are: Canned food (preferably with lids that can pull back and don’t need a can opener – but any are welcome!); dried goodies like fruit sticks, crackers, rusks, biscuits, nuts and dried meat; non-perishable staples like mealie meal, samp, beans, pasta and rice; and treats like chocolates and sweets.
“The end of the year is often busy, overwhelming and stressful. Businesses wind down and people head off on holiday. But in the rush of our own lives we often forget about the lives of others,” says Kendra Neethling, who heads the centre’s occupational therapy department.
“The Wedge Gardens OT Department and patients are aiming to make a small difference to those ending the year in a space of difficulty and hardship by putting together food packages for them.

“Research shows that the smallest acts of kindness not only bring a sense of peace and gratitude to those on the receiving end, but have numerous benefits for those doing the giving,” she says.

Kendra explains that Wedge Gardens’ OT Department aims to equip patients with skills for resilience (coping) and emotional health. “Through generosity and learning to give to others, we will be working together to keep that flow of positivity going as the year winds down!”
For more information, call Kendra on 011 430 0320.
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