Thembalami’s Christmas angels

The Inyoni Angels, comprising residents of Inyoni Creek Retirement Village, have been shining their light on sister Rand Aid complex Thembalami Care Centre for eight years and their passion for helping remains undiminished. On November 23, the Angels, assisted by Thembalami manager Elize Raath and colleague Lerato Semenya, packed the 120 gifts that were handed out at the care centre’s Christmas lunch on November 29.

“As usual, everybody was in good spirits and the packing went like a well oiled machine.  Within half an hour, all 120 gifts were packed,” says Elize, adding that the Inyoni Angels went all out to treat residents with the nicest goodies, as per usual.

All hands on deck… Pam Hadden, Arthur Hadden, Tommy Hamilton and Dugald Patterson get stuck in.

Val Bartram, Lynn Hood and Denise Smith.

Dawn Kemp, Sr Hannie Combrink, Jean Garlick and Sue van der Neut at the ‘big wrap’.



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