Letter of appreciation from Ron Smith Care Centre resident

Residents and family members had a lovely tea.


Jill Jones, a resident on Ron Smith Care Centre’s Woodlands wing, writes:

Sister Gwen conceived the excellent idea of a Christmas family tea for the residents of Woodlands, to be held on Sunday afternoon, December 3, 2018.

A residents meeting was called and the idea discussed and agreed upon with enthusiasm, about 2 1/2 weeks before the due date.

The function was to be held in front of Woodlands on the verandah and lawn, with chairs, tables and umbrellas used where necessary.

Residents were invited to submit names and numbers of family members, or friends, who would like to attend, and invitations were sent out, one per family. Each family was asked to bring a plate of eats, and anything else they would like to drink, apart from tea, coffee or juice, which would be provided here.

Staff formed a choir to sing carols, and a Boney M CD was found with Christmas carols on it as a guide and background support.

Rehearsals began immediately.

Sunday was a perfect day, and Sr Gwen and the nurses worked so hard setting up tables and umbrellas. Christmas decorations on the tables. As well as red swathed cloths on green and white cloths and overlays gave the whole area a very festive atmosphere.

The hugely successful event began at 2pm and the last guests left after 4 pm. The carols had been sung, and a surprise piper arrived and piped a few tunes, including Scotland the Brave, and Amazing Grace.

After the guests had departed the great clean up began, and most was done by supper time.

We all enjoyed the afternoon immensely, residents and visitors alike, and all our grateful thanks go to Sr Gwen for being the driving force behind it all and working so hard.

She really cares for us and always has our interests and welfare at heart. She is so appreciated.



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