Wedge Gardens shows that Christmas is about giving


The Occupational Therapy (OT) Department at Wedge Gardens was able to hand out scores of food parcels to the homeless just before Christmas, with the help of many generous souls from the Rand Aid community and public.

The OT department of the Rand Aid substance abuse rehabilitation centre partnered up with the Johannesburg Organisation of Services to the Homeless (JOSH) to distribute the food parcels to those in need.

Kendra Neethling, who heads the centre’s OT department reflected that the food drive provided a sense of hope for the homeless and assisted with some of the most basic essential food items to help sustain individuals and families.

“The project also served as a platform for growth and learning for the patients at Wedge Gardens as they learn to step out of their comfort zone and allow vulnerability to be a guiding factor in their recovery, thus teaching them essential skills in kindness to self and others, the gift of giving and selflessness,” she says.

“The food drive was incredibly well supported and the outcome was inspiring for future involvement of the Wedge Gardens patients to assist in soup kitchens and further drives with JOSH in the future.”

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