Celebrating 63 married years

Long-time residents of Rand Aid–run Elphin Lodge, Roy and Audrey Jamieson, will shortly be celebrating 63 years of happy married life.

Roy was born in Pretoria but grew up in Durban and has always considered himself a Durbanite.  Audrey’s father was a sugar farmer in Zululand and she says that growing up on the farm was such a happy experience for her – it was a lovely free life.  Roy comments that it was so free, that when she was older, they had to teach her how to put on shoes!

Roy and Audrey met in 1948 whilst they were both holidaying at The Nest hotel in the Drakensberg at the same time – Audrey with her parents, and Roy with a friend.  Audrey says that in those days, the holiday hotels were wonderful as they had all sorts of dances, tennis and social activities on the holiday programme, so it was easy to meet people and everyone tended to mix in. But Roy had his eye on Audrey and seemingly won her mother’s heart first, as her mother told her: “That’s the chap you’re going to marry.”  And Audrey, being the good girl she was, listened to her mother!

They were married in Durban at the Central Methodist Church on 21st May, 1955, and eventually re-located to Johannesburg where they set up family life.  Many years down the road, they were amongst some of the first people to have moved into Elphin Lodge, 23 years ago, and say that it’s probably the best move they’ve ever made.  They also feel very blessed to have two wonderful daughters, Wendy and Debra, who are both so good to them.

So, what is the secret to a long, happy marriage?

Audrey says that she and Roy have always been very compatible.  Roy adds that it’s important to have tolerance for one another and to respect each other’s views.  And finally, this bit of wisdom: “After being married for so long, I have come to realise and acknowledge that my wife is always right!”



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