Surprise party for matron-in-a-million

Matron Paulina Hlatshwako blows out her birthday candles.


You are never too old for a surprise party, as Thembalami’s Matron Paulina Hlatshwako discovered on her 60th birthday.

Her colleagues at the Rand Aid-run care centre in Lombardy East had Matron Paulina smiling from ear to ear when she realised how much effort they had gone into making her birthday on June 30, 2018, extra special.

“She was speechless when staff members serenaded her with song and dance,” says Thembalami social worker Lara Hurwitz.

Staff members enjoyed curry and rice, malva pudding and custard as well as a beautiful birthday cake, specially baked for the occasion. Matron Paulina was also presented with a gift of a nightgown and slippers.

“When one thinks of Matron, the first word that comes to mind is ‘strict’. However, being a matron and doing the work that she does, she needs to be strict. She is professional at all times and dedicated to her work. Matron will fight for her staff to be treated with dignity and respect but at the same time she will reprimand them when they are in the wrong,” says Elize Raath, the manager of the care centre, which incorporates the Max Ordman Deaf Association.

“She knows each resident well, their medical conditions and medication. If you want to find out something about someone, go and ask her because she has a memory like an elephant!” says Elize.

Matron Paulina, who is the deputy manager at Thembalami, has been part of Rand Aid for 34 years.

Staff members burst into song and dance when Matron Paulina Hlatshwako arrived at her surprise 60th birthday party.



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