Baked with love

Children affiliated to the Union of Jewish Women of South Africa (UJWSA) arrived at Thembalami Care Centre the day before Mandela Day with 200 specially baked cupcakes. Residents of the Rand Aid care centre – which incorporates the Max Ordman Deaf Association – enjoyed interacting with the visiting children, who helped decorate and hand out the cupcakes. Founded in 1931 with the aim of serving both the Jewish and broader communities, the UJWSA provides a platform for community interaction and understanding.

“It really warms a person’s heart to see children so young already involved in charity work,” says Thembalami manager Elize Raath.

PICTURED are Simone Heyman, resident Doreen Calder, Lior Heyman and Alyssa Heyman. Alyssa, who turns 12 in September, baked approximately 70 of the 200 cupcakes. As part of becoming a woman in Jewish culture, (Bat Mitzvah), she engages in weekly lessons on various topics relating to women in Judaism. Each girl in the programme was encouraged to do an act of kindness and prepare a short speech which they will present as part of the main event at a Bat Mitzvah ceremony in August 2018. Alyssa, who loves baking, embraced her chosen task with great enthusiasm.


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