Happy families enjoy quality time outdoors

Resident Josephine Sithole (far right) with her family members and fellow resident resident Tony Surtees (left).

The beautifully-landscaped grounds and new lapa at Thembalami Care Centre and the Max Ordman Deaf Association (MODA) in Lombardy East was enjoyed to the fullest at the monthly Family Day on September 29.

Boerewors rolls, tea, coffee and cake were on sale and table and chair groupings allowed residents and their visitors to relax and enjoy some spring sunshine.

“This month was the biggest turn-out so far, allowing our residents a chance to catch up with loved ones and giving Thembalami staff members an opportunity to meet the various family members,” says Lara Hurwitz, the social worker at the Rand Aid-run complex.

Resident Jennifer du Preez, who happened to be celebrating her 78th birthday on the day, was happy to share the two huge cakes brought along by her family with fellow residents and staff members.

A lovely touch on the day was the taking and printing of photographs of family groups, which gave participants a special memory of their time together. “Deon Haak, who is friends with Thembalami resident Dennis Jacoby, kindly made this wonderful add-on happen,” says Lara, adding that he also donated the breadrolls.

MODA residents Barry Waldeck and Johan Du Plessis wielded the braai tongs with expertise.

Jennifer du Preez’s 78th birthday coincided with Family Day, which meant that her big day was extra special.

Resident Henny Fox and family.


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