Give that man a Bell’s!

An Inyoni Creek resident who works tirelessly to promote a sense of community and interaction between residents across all of Rand Aid’s complexes, was shown how much his efforts are valued when a certificate of appreciation was handed to him at the last pub lunch of 2018.

Dugald Paterson and his fellow Naked Chefs have been hosting monthly pub lunches for the past decade, giving residents a chance to gather in fellowship and enjoy a good meal. The Chefs do all the prep work, cook the meal and serve it to the residents, while keeping up a steady flow of good-hearted banter.

“Today, we honour a very special resident – Dugald Paterson,” said Zabeth Zühlsdorff, Rand Aid’s GM: services and advance division, in a speech on the day.

“Dugald is a man every community needs because he sees social and interactional needs in a community, he takes constructive action to meet such needs, he leads by example and hard work, he is a team player and convinces others of worthy goals to be achieved, he does not give up when the going gets tough, he does not work for personal glory but gives of himself, his time and his efforts to make a difference in the lives of other community members.

“Dugald, when you started the Naked Chefs 10 years ago, there must have been some sceptics who asked, ‘Can a man do this, how long will it last?

“Today, the monthly Naked Chef lunch is a highlight on three villages’ social calendars. It is the only social event that consistently draws together large numbers of residents of the different villages to enjoy themselves as one group.

“At the Naked Chef lunches, residents are able to get very good food for a very decent price. But it is so much more than just a meal. The opportunity that you and your team provide for residents to relax, to meet other residents, to form new friendships and to just have fun, is invaluable. On top of this, you have started with tea and scone events and have become a valuable volunteer at the Ron Smith Care Centre.

“Dugald, you make Inyoni Creek and the other Rand Aid villages a better place to be. We look up to you and we salute you.”

Presenting Naked Chef Dugald Paterson his gift and certificate are Graham Brokenshire (chairman Inyoni Creek residents committee) and Zabeth Zühlsdorff (Rand Aid’s GM: services and advance division). The rest of the Naked Chefs were given a gift as a token of Rand Aid’s appreciation for serving pub lunches for the past 10 years.

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