Christmas 2018 blessings for residents and staff

Residents and staff of Ron Smith Care Centre took a moment to count their blessings when they gathered on December 20 for a festive Christmas lunch. The highlight of the day was when the staff performed their version of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, which was followed by a delicious lunch in the main dining room.

Resident Jill Jones wrote a thank you letter shortly after the event, in which she praised Debbie Christen, Rand Aid’s manager: recreational programmes, and the rest of the team:

“These words alone cannot fully express how full of admiration I am at the play you conceived and produced today, after much hard work with the staff. It was an imaginative, clever and succinct version of the story, which told the tale vividly and with impact.

“Very well done, particularly to you, but also to the cast, who thoroughly enjoyed it, and brought to the fore talents which I don’t think they were aware of. They had such fun performing and felt so good afterwards. What memories to keep for them.

“I just looked at the glowing faces as they took their bows. Lovely to see.”

Debbie says that the staff really embraced the story of the transformation of mean, grumpy old Scrooge, who hated Christmas and was only interested in making money, into a kind, caring and generous man who finally understood the message and spirit of Christmas. “The staff brought so much love, joy and laughter to the residents, who were clearly delighted with the Christmas performance,” she says.

On the lunch menu was: An avocado starter; roast lamb, gammon, carrots, pumpkin fritters, roast potatoes; and peppermint mousse for dessert.

Jill summed up the impact of the Christmas lunch and concert: “There were happy repercussions on so many levels. The impact of the play and the Christmas message, the opening of windows of opportunity for the staff, the team building, the happy memories of the fun enjoyed, and the building of self-esteem of the participants.”

The cast who performed scenes from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Portia Tshayisa (Tiny Tim) and Hilda Mabaso (Scrooge).

Rae Hurwitz and Cathrine Mpe.

Edna van Rensburg and Priscilla Nkosi.

Daphne Smith and Aileen Burn.

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