Scarecrows stand guard at Thembalami

Tin Man was the most glamorous scarecrow. With him are Mailakai Dawson, Christos Prokas and Luka Chezzi of the 1st Hellenic Cubs.

Marshmallow, Mr and Mrs Crow and more keep unwanted visitors away

Scary things unfolded at Thembalami Care Centre on February 16 – scary for birds, that is!

Boys and girls from the Northrand Scouting District had answered a desperate plea – ‘Help keep the birds off our vegetables, herbs and fruit trees’. The youngsters know the Rand Aid-run care centre well, having previously been involved in donating and planting veg and herbs, and were happy to come to the rescue.

Anthony Schäffler of Schäffler’s nursery, another steadfast supporter of Thembalami, initially suggested scarecrows be erected and when the scouts were asked to help, they were delighted with the idea of making life-sized scarecrows. They were even more excited when they heard that their efforts would result in a scarecrow competition, co-ordinated by cub pack leader Desiree Hogan and Thembalami manager Elize Raath.

The 1st Hellenic teams entered five scarecrows: Skelle, Bobby, Mary, Ultron and Tin Man. Mr and Mrs Crow were entries from the 1st Edenvale Cubs and Fransi and Marshmallow were Eastleigh entries.

The judges were Gavin Letcher, scout group leader for 1st Edenvale; Chris Booÿens, scout group leader for 1st Horison; Rochelle Booyens, regional team co-ordinator for cub programme in Gauteng; Billy Katumba, independent judge and life coach; and Elize.

“We decided not to hand out prizes for the best three scarecrows because all of the entries were original and wonderful. The children worked hard on them and they enjoyed building them. We thought they were all winners and that they all deserved a recognition so we categorised the scarecrows and each team received a prize, which was donated by Schäffler’s,” says Elize.

“Anthony gave them plants to take back to their packs because, he said, ‘they should never stop growing plants as they are also growing every day’.”

The scarecrow prizes were awarded in the following categories:

Ultron – The most futuristic scarecrow

Bobby – The coolest farmer

Tin Man – The most glamorous scarecrow

Marshmallow – The most original scarecrow

Fransi – The best dressed

Mary – The dancing queen

Mr and Mrs Crow – Most eco-friendly.


Bobby, the coolest farmer, with Harry and Anthony Savvidies from the 1st Hellenic Cubs.



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