Hypnotherapy relaxes Thembalami

Residents and staff members of Lombardy East’s Thembalami Care Centre have discovered how deeply relaxing hypnotherapy can be, thanks to occupational therapist Emily Raubenheimer.

She organised that hypnotherapist Elvis Ademba offer a few sessions to those interested in experiencing this ancient form of healing. Hypnotherapy uses mild hypnosis to put you into a trance-like state in which your body is totally relaxed but your mind is active.

Feedback included:

  • “Absolutely super.”
  • “I lost myself.”
  • “It made my hands feel relaxed, they’re usually in pain.”
  • “Really enjoyed it.”
  • “I’m so relieved and relaxed.”

The initiative formed part of a mental health awareness campaign being run by the care centre’s occupational therapy department in July.

In addition, an info board was filled with infographics on mental health and details of planned activities to promote mental health will be added throughout the month.

Thembalami incorporates the Max Ordman Deaf Association and is run by 116-year-old NPO Rand Aid.

Mental health awareness is the focus of July’s occupational therapy programme at Thembalami Care Centre.

Residents and staff of Thembalami Care Centre in a state of deep relaxation during a hypnotherapy session presented by Elvis Ademba.

This birthday board was made for Thembalami Care Centre by patients of Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens treatment centre.

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