Clip-on tray is Godsend after broken arm

A tray that clips over a garden bench is one of the latest projects to come out of Rand Aid Association’s new workshop for residents.

The tray was made by Inyoni Creek resident Ron White for fellow resident Alice Hoffman who fell and broke her arm while enjoying a walk.

Ron is a member of the workshop, which is modelled on Australia’s Men’s Shed concept – an updated version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of Australian culture, just as garage workshops are part of South Africa’s culture.

Residents from all retirement villages and care centres run by Rand Aid are welcome to become members of the workshop, which is located in Rand Aid’s services section in the grounds of Wedge Gardens. The idea behind its establishment was to give residents – both men and women – an opportunity to carry on with their hobbies and trades without irritating their spouses, partners or neighbours.

The workshop is kitted out with a variety of equipment – including a bandsaw, radial saws, thickness planers, table saws, pedestal drills, woodworking and metal lathes, moulds, drills and grinders – most of which were donated by residents or members of the community.

Pictured below are a number of other handy items Ron made at the workshop.

If you want to become part of the workshop, pop on down to the Rand Aid central workshop and ask for Reg Combrink or contact him at 011 882 2510.

Ron White and Alice Hoffman with the handy clip-on tray.
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