Rejoicing in our Eden Alternative journey

Ron Smith Care Centre and the Care Partners from Riverlodge 1 were featured in Eden Alternative South Africa’s September newsletter. A number of staff members voiced their thoughts on the care centre’s Eden Alternative journey, how it has impacted them personally and the level of care given to the Elders.


Care Partners share their Eden experience

The Eden Alternative philosophy advocates for autonomy and dignity for Elders, but in the same breath also for those working in the Elder’s home. Hands-on care partners, previously called carers, spend many hours in very close contact with Elders. They, together with the cleaning staff, usually know the Elders much better than any of the other employee care partners.

We asked some of the hands-on care partners supporting Elders in Riverlodge 1, a small neighbourhood within Ron Smith Care Centre, what it means to them now that the Eden philosophy is growing in strength in this community.

Ron Smith Care Centre is the the second community to become a member of the Eden Register here in South Africa. The benefit they are reaping goes beyond the residents living in this community!

(Thank you Leanie Bessinger for creating a strong team and valuing individuals no matter what age they are.)

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