A ball of a time had by RSCC nursing teams

On September 10, the nursing staff of the Woodlands and Cedar Park wings of Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre held a team-building event at the Woodlands Lapa and croquet lawn.

Weeks before, the two teams had a training and practice session with Recreation Manager Debbie Christen, who taught them the game of croquet and also how to have a golf putting competition.

On the day of the event, both teams pitted their game skills, techniques and strategies against each other, determined to come out tops! At the end of the day, the Woodlands group were the first to complete the croquet course and the Cedar Park team won the golf competition – so both teams were very happy and had so much fun building their team spirit and getting a good dose of fresh air and sunshine in the process.

Both teams had much to celebrate, so drinks and snacks under the lapa rounded off a wonderful day of fun spent with colleagues.

The Cedar Park team in red: Lucy Kgafela, Noma Malevu, Penelope Mthembu, and Christina Maluka.

The Woodlands team in blue and white: Busi Nxumalo, China Matsane, Florah Mothogoane, Grace Tshikalonge and Gwen Coutinho.

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