Vicky’s walkers celebrate a year’s worth of steps

Members of Thornhill Manor’s Happy Chatty Walkers Club have taken countless steps since the group’s establishment one year ago.

Participants meet each Monday at 9am at the village community centre for a fun walk around the beautiful grounds. The group includes those who walk independently, those in wheelchairs, those who use a walker and even those who bring along their carers.

Tea and biscuits are served, along with a good natter and some soothing music. Then Vicky Keenan, who is both a resident and occupational therapist, hosts a number of games which have been designed to improve residents’ co-ordination and movement range.  “Many of these games have been designed and made by Vicky herself,” says Thornhill Manor Deputy Manager Jackie Scott.

“The amount of laughter that comes from the centre is contagious and the group’s membership is growing slowly each month. Vicky’s dedication and enthusiasm are amazing and we are so very thankful to have her in our village.”

To celebrate the group’s first birthday, a special tea was held, complete with cake, candles and party goodies. Pictured in the back are Vicky Keenan, Jackie Scott (Deputy Manager), Inge Kinzig, Esme Erasmus (Village Manager), Margaret Dempster and Anna Ramsay. Seated: Zenith Moya, Margo Tavner-Smith, Valry Tyrteos, Prisca Dlamini and Angela Webster.

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