Accolades for Elphin Lodge’s gorgeous roses

Residents of Rand Aid’s Elphin Lodge, Madge and Peter Ronald, once again entered the village and its Ron Smith Care Centre into Gold Reef Rose Society’s Annual Rose Show.

Madge used roses from the village and care centre’s gardens to create beautiful arrangements which caught the judges’ attention and earned podium places (the village won silver and the care centre gold) in the retirement village category.

“We are so proud!” says Complex Manager Helen Petrie.

The certificates add to those earned at last year’s show: a gold for Ron Smith Care Centre, silver for Rand Aid and bronze for Elphin Lodge.

The 2019 rose show was held at Morningside Shopping Centre on October 4 and 5.

The Ronalds are both rose lovers and are always happy to share their knowledge.

“Many gardens and flower beds in Elphin Lodge have beautiful roses grown by Peter,” says Helen.

Madge Ronald proudly displays the certificate and ribbons.

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