Annual Thornhill Manor fete did not disappoint

Thornhill Manor’s Family Fun Day and Fete on Saturday, 12 October, lived up to expectations. “The day was perfect for a fete, with the sun shining, and the public attendance was great,” says Esme Erasmus, the manager of the Rand Aid-run retirement village. “There was a lovely atmosphere, with music being played, and residents, their family and friends browsing through the stalls, having lunch or enjoying a glass of something to keep them cool.” Pictured are residents Vera Reiser, Wendy Hunt and Jenny Brownson, who ran the garden club stall. All plants and bonsais available as raffle prizes on the day were donated by village residents.

Unusual and beautifully crafted items were on sale at Thornhill Manor’s annual Family Fun Day and Fete, such as this gorgeous romper displayed by resident Jenny Schoeman. Jenny also doubles as the village’s photographer and is always happy to take photos at the various social events.

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