Open Hearts Open Minds Staff Training

On October 23, one shift of staff from Housekeeping, Kitchen and OT, gathered together for Eden training, facilitated by Debbie Christen, Manager: Recreational Programmes.

They spent the day opening up their minds and learning to see and understand the Eden Alternative philosophy with their hearts.

The training consisted of a number of activities, information-giving and feedback sessions designed to allow staff to get to know each other better, build relationships, and to understand the importance of learning to see the whole person, not just the illness or medical condition.

In essence, they learnt ways to treat Elders with understanding, care and respect and how to contribute to the well-being of everyone in the care centre community.

Some of the staff feedback:

I appreciated that this training was cheerful and fun and that we were given time to express our feelings and to connect with each other.

We need to treat our residents with patience, kindness, love, care and respect and we should all help them to feel at home.

We need to bring joy to them everyday!


The Rand Aid team that recently underwent Eden Alternative training, with Debbie Christen, Rand Aid Manager: Recreational Programmes.

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