Pam’s goodwill blooms abundantly

A woman who goes the extra mile to ensure that residents of the retirement village in which she lives feel special on their birthdays, was the recipient of much love when she herself celebrated her birthday recently.

Pam Hadden is on the care committee of Rand Aid’s Inyoni Creek. Whenever a new resident moves in, Pam pops over with a tray of tea and biscuits and general information about the village. In addition, this warm-hearted woman presents each of the 250-plus residents of the village with a hand-picked rose on their birthday. This complements the specially-selected card that the care committee choses and personally delivers for each birthday celebrant.

These gestures help strengthen the sense of community that is already prevalent in the village.

“Pam is a very bubbly personality who loves living at Inyoni Creek. She is probably one of our best ambassadors,” said village manager Jenny Tonkin. “I remember one of our new residents being absolutely blown away at receiving  a card and a rose for his birthday.

“When I asked Pam why she does it, she said that she learnt from her grandmother and her mother to always give and she has passed this on to her daughter Dallas.”

Pam turned 80 on October 16 and true to her character, she hosted an open house, inviting residents, friends and family to come and have a cup of tea with her and husband Arthur.

Always so quick to give herself, Pam was inundated with calls and visitors bearing cards and gifts.

Pam Hadden was the recipient of much caring on her birthday.

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