Letter of thanks from resident


Ron Smith Care Centre’s Woodland residents enjoyed a real afternoon treat on Sunday .

Sr Gwen Coutinho booked the lapa and residents were asked to invite family and friends to join them in a bring and share tea. Tea, coffee and juice were on hand, but there was no objection to wine or beer being brought along, if families so desired.

The lapa was comfortably full, and eats were varied and plentiful.

The nursing staff were available to help if needed, but were also able to partake of the goodies on offer.

Christmasy music added to the ambiance, while the groups at each table caught up on news, laughed and joked.

The guests were invited for 2pm and by 3.45pm began reluctantly to take their leave.

The event was an outstanding success, and all thanks to Sr Gwen for having the idea, and her hard work in organising the logistics, as well as making sure all went smoothly.

As residents we are truly grateful to her for her dedication to our well being, and to making life here special. She really is an outstanding Sister, and our thanks hardly seem enough to show our appreciation.


Jill Jones

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